8:30–9:15 | Registration

9:15–9:30 | Welcome Remarks

9:30–10:45 | Panel: Texts and Travellers

Understanding the Senses: A Spiritual Pilgrimage’s Salvific Sensorium
Raphaela Rohrhofer (University of Oxford)

Beholding and crying: pilgrims and emotional vistas in the late medieval Holy Land
Anthony Bale (Birkbeck, University of London)

Jerusalem through the pages: Experiencing the loca sancta in early Solomonic Ethiopia
Jacopo Gnisci (University of Oxford)

10:45–11:00 | Coffee Break

11:00–12:15 | Panel: Sacred Soundscapes

‘The trumpets were sounded, the canon fired and the galeotti shouted’: The Soundscape of a Fifteenth-century Pilgrimage
Bláithín Hurley (University College Cork)

The Sacred Polyphony: Voicing Community in Jahriyya Pilgrimage
Guangtian Ha (Haverford College)

Singing is Believing: Rewilding Through Pilgrimage Song and Chant
Kathryn Barush (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley)

12:15–12:20 | Break

12:20–13:35 | Panel: Perceiving in Proximity

Where and What to Touch on Hajj: Early Islamic Debates on Haptic Pilgrimage Rituals
Adam Bursi (Utrecht University)

Fostering Spirituality through Pain: Chinese Buddhist Pilgrimage in Premodern China
Junfu Wong (University of Cambridge)

Heavenly Scents in Ibn Qulawayh's The Complete Pilgrimage
Fuchsia Hart (University of Oxford)

13:35–14:30 | Lunch Break

14:30–15:45 | Panel: Embodying Pilgrimage

Justina Dances El Camino: Uncovering the Pilgrimage of The Spanish Jilt
Medardo Rosario (University of Chicago)

Body in Motion: Sensory Perception of Women Pilgrims at the famous Shravan Festival of Jharkhand
Shruti Amar (King's College London)

‘Listening with eyes and seeing with ears’: Pilgrimage and spirit possession on Mt Kiso Ontake
Tatsuma Padoan (University College Cork / SOAS, University of London)

15:45–16:00 | Coffee Break

16:00–17:15 | Panel: Objects and Memory

Pilgrimage & Recall: the Shrine as Sensory Catharsis, the Flask as Memory Trigger
Kristen Racaniello (CUNY Graduate Center, New York)

Back to Paradise: Sensual Experience of Fanales as a Tool of Virtual Pilgrimage
Natalia Keller (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago) & Olaya Sanfuentes (Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago)

Interior Pilgrims and Uncanny Devotions: the Beguinage as a Work of Art
Juliet Simpson (Coventry University)

17:15–17:20 | Break

17:20–18:20 | Keynote Address

Sensational Pilgrimage, Real and Imagined
Kathryn Rudy (University of St Andrews)

18:20–18:30 | Closing Remarks

18:30–19:30 | Drinks Reception

19:30 onwards | Dinner for Speakers